It is challenging to be a  nursery school teacher. It requires continuous creativity and dedication because you have to adjust in the feet of kids to teach them.

Kids develop not only physically but also emotionally and cognitively as well. Therefore, teachers have to use the elements of empathy, intelligence and co-curricular activies to befriend them and let them find their true colours.

For the physical growth of kids, teachers should bring activities in their class that require the use of motor skills like dancing, running and jumping. Small motor skills like the movement of hands and fingers are also needed at nursery stage which can be gained by activities like drawing, making stuff with playdough, writing and doing jigsaws.

Social development of a child in nursery school impacts his/her whole life. It is the social development that decides a child would be introvert or extrovert. Therefore, teachers must focus on that aspect of their growth by involving them in acts of getting along with other kids. They can teach about the importance of friendship and teamwork by using stories, poems and short movies.

It becomes hard for many teachers to understand how to teach kids at nursery schools about sharing and moral values with their innocent and fragile minds but the best way to teach a kid at nursery school is by the reward giving technique. Teachers can teach them morals by rewarding them a toffee or chocolate when they behave politely and kindly with others or share their things with class fellow.

For a better understanding of caring and empathy, teachers can use a stuffed animal as a class pet which all the kids are supposed to take care. Kids love to take that pet home for the weekend on their turn which teaches them about sharing and caring.

Nursery school is the place where children are to learn about basic hygiene like washing hands and face to jobs like opening and closing doors. Teachers are supposed to demonstrate everything as clearly for the kids as possible so that no ambiguity is left in their minds.

Language development at this stage in children is at best, so the teacher should use that opportunity to impart them writing, reading and communication as all of these skills are connected and with literary growth comes the decision-making ability.

Although it is not so easy to teach toddlers, the programs of teacher training can make it fun to teach kids. Dubai nurseries have weekly training sessions for teachers while teachers have to pass examination test to get permission to teach in any nursery in Al Barsha.