For a clinic to have a good dentist in Abu Dhabi it becomes easy to recruit an orthodontist in Abu Dhabi. Dental clinics mostly revolve around the work of a dentist.

Identifying patients with weak oral health: Great dentists are those who are knowledgeable when it comes to oral health. Dentists can even point out an individual’s weak oral health while being away from the clinic. For instance there is an event a dentist has to attend, he or she spots an individual who does not talk, smile or chew as per normal standards. The dentist should be able to have good communication skills in order to convince the patient to visit the clinic.

Cleanliness within the premises: The dentist should ensure the entire clinic is clean as it leaves a good impression. Once the patient is seated in a comfortable position, he or she would take comfort in knowing that the tools and equipments the dentist uses are clean. Even the basin should be clean before the patient has to spit into it. Most importantly upon entering the clinic, the patient would want to see the floor of the clinic to be clean and sparkling, for  that there is a need of manually cleaning the floor or use robots. Size of the clinic would decide the process of cleaning the floor.

Ability of a good dentist: It is common for patients being unaware of their oral health issues for instance the gum bleeds. Experienced dentists should know the gums have become weaker and would recommend the patient to go for a softer or medium toothbrush. The dentist should be able to show the patient the correct techniques of brushing to prevent gums from bleeding. The patient would be recommended to use a mouthwash on regular basis.

Making the job of the orthodontist easier: Once the dentist has  done his or her job in removing plaques, installing root canals and fillings. The dentist would keep in mind that the orthodontist is new to the clinic and needs to gain experience, although their jobs differ slightly. Owing to the experience of the dentist, the patient would be asked to get an X-ray test done to check the extent of the teeth being misaligned. From then the orthodontist takes it from here and would get braces done installed as per the results of the X-ray. It is important for dentists and orthodontist to communicate and this makes the experience worthwhile for the patient.