Just like any other city, Bangalore has some of the most interesting facts which makes it amazing in its own way. And on of many facts is about the Prime minister, Winston Churchill. There are many clubs in Bangalore, but the oldest one is said to be The Bangalore Club and it was founded in 1868. Once there was a display of old ledgers where it showed that prime minister Winston Churchill owes Rs. 13 to the club as an unpaid bill. Each city has a specialty but Bangalore created a food that is now famous in the whole country. It is said that Bangalore invented Rava Idli. This is now the most famous dish in South Indian restaurants but only few know that this dish was born here. During the World War II, rice was the most important component in Idli which got short. Then MTR used semolina instead of rice to keep the Idli going but it was named as Rava Idli.

People say that Mumbai and Delhi are the cities which are high tech but the fact is that Bangalore is the most high tech city as of now. They say that with pride and with proof because Bangalore was the only city in India which was to get electricity. Electricity was introduced in Bangalore in 1906 by the help of hydroelectric power, later it travelled to Delhi and then Mumbai. This plant was in Shivanasamudra and the building that was chosen to light up was called the city market. 

This city is not only high tech but this is also a city which produces the most numbers of nominees which are considered for Nobel Prize winners as compared to any other city in the whole country. The most famous of them was Sir CV Raman, he won the Nobel Prize in 1930 which he discovered the Raman Effect in Physics. In this honor, there is a locality that goes by his name in East Bangalore named as CV Raman Nagar. You will find many Canada immigration agents in Bangalore.

That is why, this city has the most numbers of engineering college and students from all over the India come here and study. It has 21 engineering colleges and in all over India there are 57 colleges which are affiliated with these colleges. Look at more info to find out the best colleges in Bangalore.