Health sector does not comprise of hospitals only. It does not include doctors only. The sector has the inclusion of nurses, therapists, prosthetics and many others who know how to handle and treat patients. The sector provides jobs to administrators and finance experts too who know how to cater public and manage the fees they pay. Besides, there are housekeepers and peons as well that keep the area clean, hygienic and free of germs. Thus, the sector comprises of laboratories- where experiments are conducted, clinics- where not-so-concerning infections are treated, and nursing homes. 

What are nursing homes?

Doctors and nurses cannot give place and bed to all patients. Some patients’ are not allowed to get leave from the hospital. These are the patients who have to stay there unless they not get well but there are some who are allowed to leave but they need care and a person who could look after them. Such patients are sent to nursing homes. 

Nursing homes are places where old, adults, mentally instable people and I’ll people are taken care of. They are provided bed, food and basic needs of life to keep them healthy. The home has so many nurses, housekeepers, administrators to look after the patients. 

How are patients being looked after at nursing homes?

All patients are treated in different ways. There are nurses to cater them and to look after them. They note and observe if the patients have taken bath and brush their teeth or not. Besides, they observe if their appetite is fine or not. They try to improve their lives. Besides, the hones have therapists that help them in speech, motion and other activities if they have been facing any disability. The therapists make schedule according to the patient’s capability and follow them. Moreover, there are activities manager which include celebrating birthdays, book clubs, gardening and many other to combat depression and anxiety among them.

Do the patients face abuse in nursing homes?

According to surveys and reports, patients do face emotional, physical and sexual abuse at nursing homes because of staff. There are some staff members that insults them or pass negative comments which hurt them emotionally. At many tines, there are nurses or members who hit them intentionally or unintentionally which result in scars and bruises. And it is also reported that they are forced to do sexual activities when sleeping or sick by staff  members.

So, this is all about nursing homes which you should know before going there or sending your loved ones there for treatment. However, these nurses do not provide services of home nursing in Dubai. Yet, you can call a baby nurse in Dubai through them to have nurse as helper.