The field and work of a doctor is not easy either it is a ear, nose and throat doctor, we are not saying that a ENT doctor has an easy job but when we talk to doctors and ask them that which is the easiest kind of doctor to be, most of them say about ENT doctor. But when we talk with an ENT doctor, most also say the same thing and some say that it is easy being the best orthopedic doctor in Dubai or best pediatrician in Dubai. No matter what kind of doctor you are or you are going to be, you must know that there are many benefits. There are many kids and people who forcefully study different medical studies because they want to earn money and there are many other benefits of being one:

  1. The first benefit is that we hinted above, all doctors are super rich that is because they devote their lives in studying day and night, making sure that they study each and every medicine right so that they can give it to the patient who needs that. And that is why doctors are paid a lot and not only because of this but also because they stay in the hospitals for most of their time and they seldom get holiday and even on holidays, they are working sometimes giving consultation to their regular patients.
  2. The second benefit is status, like we said that since they get highly paid, and the rich person always has a status. The most famous doctors are called at different conference and ask to throw some light on the latest medicines. 
  3. The third benefit is respect. Other than money, respect is a big factor. They are also given a lot of respect by their patients who rely on them and depends their life on them. There are many patients who are satisfied with one doctor and they keep on seeing that doctor for life and also take their kids to them and this becomes like a family thing which is a very beautiful bond of trust and love. And they are also respected by their students as well and the staff that is around them all the week and for all the days and for all years.