In the world of humanity, there is still a debate going on whether if the cake I am buying is vegan or non-vegan. Did you know that vegans can get the best cakes in Dubai? Yes, you read that right. Many people around the world do not vow to like the concept of using non-vegan products to any kind of thing they wear, eat, and use as they are against using the animal residue in their food, clothes, and products like shampoos and creams.

However, that is why they prefer to stay vegan in the world of non-vegan people. It is till now that there are non-vegan cakes but because of the vegan people, they have acquired to have cakes made for them and also need proof that they are vegan and do not have any animal residue used in making and baking the cake.  In this article, I am going to discuss some of the famous vegan cake recipes that you can adopt and try while you are on the verge of becoming vegan or if you are vegan, you must use these recipes to your needs and help yourself in making one of the amazing vegan cakes.

The vegan cake recipes and some of the enjoyable and remarkable cakes that are free of non-vegan products, both are; if it is your birthday and you need a quick vegan recipe to use then you must adore the lovely and tasty vegan cheesecake with chocolate chips. Vegan bakers make the best customized cakes in Dubai. However, you might be thinking that it is not vegan because of the cheese but you must know that there are many forms of vegan cheese available in the market that you can use and enjoy. If you are not sure about whether the recipe is gluten-free or not then rest assured, the recipe is gluten-free. 

The next recipe you must adore and try is the famous cookie dough brownie cake. It is yummy, tasty, and lovely by not only the way it looks but the way it tastes as well. However, the recipe is gluten-free so you can make these cakes in your home.

Vegan vanilla birthday cake is perfect for parties and birthday gatherings, it has the vanilla essence, as well as, the taste is remarkable and the way it looks, you will never want to stop once you taste it. The recipe is gluten-free and you can make it anywhere you want.