Bean bag is a cool addition to your living room, dorm room or gaming room. It is trendy and casual piece of furniture since the 70’s and gives a chic look to the room. A living room tells a lot about your personality and choice, placing a bean bag gives a comfortable spot and also impress others. Bean bags are available in many shapes and sizes. Customized fabrics and patterns can be made to compliment decor theme of the room. Often we think of furniture as wooden a unmovable piece but addition of bean bag gives a creative and fun look.

Here are some cool facts about bean bags:

  • If you have planned a movie night with your friends or family at home then bean bags sofa or chair are the best furniture to snuggle in. It settles around the person sitting on it and is an affordable investment. 
  • You can also use your bean bag for rent party furniture in Dubai along with table rental in Dubai.
  • Bodies of pregnant women changes over the period of time and they are looking for a comfortable spot to sit and relax on. In such cases, bean bags are the ideal choice. Women that are long in their pregnancy prefer to relax on bean bags. Bean bag settle around every shape of body and gives a comforting experience. 
  • Kids love bean bag chairs. They play with it, land on it and relax on it while watching the movie. Place a bean bag of vibrant colour in your child’s room to energise the place.
  • Bean bags when placed in library or reading lounge are a cool and comfy addition. Read your favourite book and have a drink and sink into the comfort of bean bag.
  • Bean bags are a fun addition to pool side. They are affordable and easy to maintain. Extra money is not spent on the maintenance of bean bags. A couple of bean bags around the pool side will give  a chic look.  And also bean bags can float. So toss them in your pool and relax on it after a swim.
  • Bean bags help in soothing back aches. It is a misconception that bean bags not suitable for posture but in reality it gives support to back.
  • Bean bags are affordable so students love to keep one or two of them in their dorm. They relax, study and hang around with friends on it. 
  • Bean bag sofa bed is a great idea for guests sleepover. It is cosy and highly affordable.