In order to dominate the market and gain competitive advantage a women’s spa in Abu Dhabi needs to get its hand on automating its structure. Apart from focusing on automation the spa should build a Thai message centre in Abu Dhabi. The massage centre should be ideally located.

Process of automating the spa: Automating the spa would lead to an overall cut down in the cost of using the Spa for both owners and female clients. Tracking inventory can prove to be time consuming and exhausting which makes managers  lag behind and work overtime to meet deadlines. There is scope for spas to invest in the automation of inventories by allowing managers to use an automation  software that keep tabs on inventory level through devices that feature an easy user interface. This would not only enable spa managers or even owners to manage inventories efficiently but also make plans for future inventory levels which of course would be carried out by the automation software.

Role of automation in retaining and attracting clients: The purpose of getting an automation software is to send emails that are personalized according to the needs of each and every customer rather than spamming their mails with overloaded contents. This software can be used as the perfect platform to book appointments online.

A Thai massage center for clients with medical conditions: Individuals with chronic conditions such as asthmas can benefit from deep breathing techniques exhibited in a Thai massage centre. A heart patient can improve the flow of blood into the heart through various techniques used by a Thai massage therapist. Before opting to attend a Thai massage session the client should first consult with their physician to give her the signal to go ahead.

Cleanliness matters for people with medical condition: The massage center should ensure its best in providing a clean environment for customers. The reason being is that a dusty environment would trigger customers with chronic conditions such as severe asthma attacks. There should not be an ounce of dirt spotted on the mats and pillows amongst the many other items to be used. If the massage centre wants to portray an image of a pure Thai massage set up then it is better off using oils and lotions for medical reasons as a patient could have sensitive skins.

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March 31, 2020