The sector of luxury car manufacturers know the market proportion and they tend to increase it with different marketing tactics but this sector is limited and distinct. According to research this sector only adds its value of 6% to other middle line car manufacturers. Click here for more info about luxury car service in Abu Dhabi. The market demographics shows that they have to stay premium to acquire these customers.

Luxury car manufacturers strategize themselves to acquire maximum numbers of customers by their pricing, quality, comfort, drive and safety measures. Which indicates the vehicles as the symbol of standard in society. Their market value makes the mind set of customers.

We live in a world where the first thing you notice is the ride the other person is driving. So the individuals with objectives and milestones they sometime set a vehicle as their goal. These individuals are mostly in the zone of showing off their wealth because they don’t buy cars for the sake of necessity they buy it because they crave for society representation. So the vehicle manufacturers try their best to maintain their brand image and standing in front of these individuals.

Some psychological facts about people who buy high prices goods they have entirely different purpose and reasoning because they live in a state of conspicuous consumption, which implies that they only buy things for their own satisfaction. This thinking marks an impression for the marketers to provide exact feeling for these buyers. So, they can feel what they want to feel after buying expensive cars. Then there are some people represented as Savvy Customers. These customers have knowledge, experience, hobby and enthusiasm for cars they are not easy. They judge and analyze every element and feature of the vehicle they buy it because they understand the vehicle. Luxury car manufacturers observe their customers mentality by providing best after sale services, best car experience and an image of driving a premium vehicle.  Some of the most luxurious cars around the world are, Audi A-A8, Bentley Muslanne, Rolls Royce Phantom, Range Rover SV, Mercedes Benz S-Class.

The luxury car markets have pros and cons because a middle-class person can’t have one by just visiting a local dealership store. People idealizes the fact of having a luxury car outside their house. Some luxury car enthusiasts have vehicles that are limited or particularly designed for someone. So, they crave for having that fame in town because of that vehicle.