When you visit a fancy bar and see all the hype and you think if you could open as well! The good news is that anyone can open it but it needs a lot of investment and careful planning as well. First step is to choose a bar concept and a brand or many brands, you can select from different bars themes and concept, it can either an unpretentious neighborhood bar with a jukebox and a karaoke with comfortable sofas and chairs. Or you could select from having small indoor games like beer pong or just simple ping pong and keep a couple of beers from different brands, you can have boy’s night only, lady’s night only and different game nights as well. 

Or you can choose the bar to be all time young, you can have a fancy bar that will be decorated with fancy neon lights or if you want to be classic and you the bar to give a vintage look. Then you can have descent wine bar and some old-fashioned furniture. Now, if you have decided, now comes the point where you have to decide a name for the bar. The bar name should be like a name that sounds like a final resort or a dream come true name. Or if you have a specific brand then you should come up with a name that says a lot about the brand as well.

If you are done this far, then now is the time to choose the business entity, meaning to say that either you want to be the sole owner or you want to open a bar with a partnership. This is done when the investment is low or high, if the investment is low, you will find a partner and if the investment is good then you will handle the game. Now, you need to find the perfect place, this is the most difficult task, the place should be something between a town and a city because there will be people coming from all over the place, making you the center of attraction, the place should have a huge parking lot and it should be easily enrooted on the maps as well. You will find a lot of Dubai cocktail bars and most of them have Dubai ladies night on Monday

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April 12, 2020