There are facts about everything but did you ever thought that milk could have some interesting facts as well. Just like the advantages of milk there are many facts about it, and one of many interesting facts is that we all love; ice cream, there might be only .1 percentage of people who don’t like ice cream because this is the most amazing comfort food ever invented. There are dairy free ice creams as well and these ice creams are made up of ice but the most famous are the dairy ice creams. You must have always thought that making dairy ice creams would require a lot of milk, but the fact is that if you started to make a gallon of ice cream, you would only need 12 pounds of whole milk.

Consuming milk has been going on since decades and from a time when there was no time at all and that why we humans are the only species in the world that use other animals for getting milk. But science has made many breakthroughs where now you can give ease to the animals by extracting milk from plants and even rice as well. Consuming milk doesn’t require to eat nor it requires to do any kind of mouth muscle movement, but speaking of mouth did you know that humans and cows have 32 set of teeth, and maybe that is why humans love cow’s milk more.

Cows have been playing an important part in our lives and we should be thanking them because a single cow when gives milk. It can give milk again after every 50 to 70 hours. But there are some cruel people who give steroids to these poor animals and the cow then gives milk again in shorter time. We can support PETA at all times because they are ending this tradition. But there is some good news for the cows that the world’s half population is sensitive when it comes to lactose. And that is why scientists have made different experiments that extract milk from different plants and edibles as well. But still each year United Kingdom produces more than 14 billion liters per year and another amazing fact is that milk has 90 percent water in it which means that it can keep you hydrated as well. But you can buy any condensed milk product and buy dairy manufacturers in UAE as well.