Every homeowner who has installed tiles want their floor to be scratch free. Office that deals with customer services want a floor that is scratch free that looks immaculate. Installing tiles in your house or your office is not a hard task but maintaining and cleaning of the tiles is a difficult task and requires constant care. There are different ways by which you can protect your floor but it depends upon the type of tiles you have installed. installation of tiles gives a decent and elegant look to the room and its different patterns look Beautiful by making the place stand out. Here are some tips from the best corian top supplier in UAE and by sanitary ware suppliers in UAE to prevent scratching on your tiles:

  • Mopping is one of the ways by which you can prevent scratches as well as avoid staining marks on your tiles. If liquid spills on your floor then it should be cleaned right away to prevent the chance of staining. Also, regular moping with soft sponge gives a Shiny look. Regularity in mopping maintain your styles for a long time. Steam mopping is also a great way to avoid scratches.
  • Vacuum can also be used to avoid scratching but before vacuuming you should sweep the dust with light strokes. Vacuuming is important because it removes dust particles from the tiles and does not let dust particle settle between tiles.
  • You should also not use abrasives on the ceramic tiles because it causes scratches on the tiles and as well as reduces the shine of the tiles too. Use of abrasive like steel wool for a long time causes cracks in the floor.
  • Often we are dragging furniture in our house for the sake of comfort and during gatherings. But you should not drag furniture around in your house because it will cause some serious scratches on your floor and the tiles will be ruined.
  • If you are floor gets scratched then grab Sandpaper and scar wax. Use Sandpaper to soften the edges of scratch and add sand in it with slow strokes keep cleaning the side area with soft cloth. After that apply car wax on it. Application of car wax make scratches fade away.

If you are ceramic tiles are damaged more than a single scratch then you need to buy a kit for the repairing of ceramic tiles. But if the repair kit is not giving suitable results then you need to replace the damaged tiles with new tiles.

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September 2, 2020