We know how hard it is for the book lovers to survive without their bookshelves especially when they have just had a move and are waiting for moving and storage Dubai to deliver their shelf. If you are finding the wait enduring and stressful then here are some book organization tips which you can carry out without waiting for the shelves to arrive. Hope you find them helpful:

  • If you own a coffee table then we believe this is exactly the right time to make use of it. Showcase some of your book titles on the coffee table above while the others can be stacked down on the shelf below. They are a great way to start conversations and you can also easily pick up anyone which you want and continue reading it.
  • We believe that everyone always have a few decorative shelves around their house which can definitely use some books to showcase. Even if the shelf is full of decor, there is always going to be space for a few books to be added. You can use bookends to hold them in place and style them with the coolest tones.
  • If your books are still in the cardboard boxes from the move and you are growing to hate these boxes then we believe you would want to switch to something better looking and safer for your paperbacks. Grab one of the storage baskets and set your books in it because if there are a lot of them, chances are you will find it difficult to arrange it in decor somewhere around the house.
  • Use every single empty space you see around the house to store books. Then whether it is racks, study table, counter or bedside tables. Use every inch of it and smartly arrange the books in there. This will work even for the magazines and cookbooks while lay around the house.
  • If you have a windowsill which can hold a flat object then we believe small stack of books along with a very small plant pot over it will make up for the perfect view and amazing organization and put together look. 

Hope you get your shelves back soon and find the above tips useful enough for your survival in the meantime.

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