Car window tinting is one of those accessorizing techniques for cars which everyone is prone to having. From having full privacy and chic look for your car to keeping the heat out, it is one of the best things which has ever brought out for cars. But just like vehicle branding in Dubai, there are myths associated with window tinting in Dubai as well, but don’t worry as we will debunk them for you:

  • Window tint is extremely dark
  • People think that window tinting will make their windows go dark when this is not what they are looking for. The truth is that the tinting hues range in a variety of shades and it would depend on the shade which you choose that will make the windows go dark or light. The darker the shade will be the blacker your windows will turn which is why there are such shades as well which are rarely visible.
  • They discolor and bubble over the course of time
  • This is not true as when you choose the right kind of film this is not a problem which you are ever going to face. There are several kinds of films out there which you can opt for but what matters the most is the technique of putting up the film on windows which is something you must seek help only from a professional. If you are going to seek help from a professional, then surely there isn’t going to be a problem.
  • They lose their effect in a while
  • One of the major reasons why people opt for window tinting is to keep away the UV rays out and give a sleek look to your windows, but some people believe that their tints lost the affect after a while. If you use the right tint you will see there is a trademark over it which ensures its quality that is tested and proven formula. If this isn’t the case, then just know that your film is of substantial quality.

There are many other myths which surround the car tinting effect, but this does not mean that they are always true. Try to do your research before aiming for anything so that you are aware of its causes and attributes.

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April 27, 2020