Basement is the part of home which is full of luggage. There are different ways to utilize your basement, you can use it as extra room or you can also use it as store. If you are using basement as your store then there will be a lot of luggage in your basement and you will need to clean your basement after few months. Otherwise, you may ruin your basement. If it is properly organized then you can also use it in many ways. So here is complete guide for you by which you can clean your basement.

Empty your basement:

Yu should do all of the work of basement on a spare day when you have no extra work to do or your day is off from work. So first of all, you should empty your basement, there will be a lot of furniture in your basement. So if you want to do clean it properly then you should empty it. If there is lawn in your home then you should shift all of your work in your lawn.

Clean the furniture:

The furniture that you have shifted outside of the basement you should clean it properly. It will be full of dust so you should clean it with dry cloth first. And then if needed you should wet cloth for it.

Remove dust in basement:

Then you should do dusting in your basement. You should do dusting of windows and doors. You should also clean the walls properly with the help of brush.

Clean the floor:

Then you should clean the floor of your basement. Firstly, you should clean it with brush and then if needed you should wash the floor. If there is carpet in your basement then you should use vacuum pressure to do cleaning. Then you should use mop on the mop to properly clean it. You can use mop with phenyl to remove all germs and insects from there.

Setting up the furniture:

Once you have done all the cleaning of your basement then you should arrange all the furniture in your basement. You should properly arrange furniture in your basement so that you may add more things in your basement.

So now your clean basement is ready for you and now you can relax properly. The clean place will also give you happiness.

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