If you are running your own chartered accountant firm then it will be big responsibility on your shoulders because you are providing work to different companies. But when you are doing work with different companies so your services matter a lot. But as an owner you will not offer these services by yourself. These will be your employees who will work for these companies and they will collectively set the image of your company. Therefore, you should wisely your employees so that you may maintain good working relationships with other companies. Just like feasibility study consultant Dubai offer their services to feasibility service companies. Similarly, you will need chartered accounts for your company. There are a lot of chartered accounts in Dubai who need job so you will just have to publish advertisement and you will get a lot of applications who need job. But this is the most important task for you because your employees set your image in market. So you should choose them wisely. Here is complete guide for you by which you can find best chartered accountant for your company. 

Publish advertisement timely:

This is the most important thing when you are in search of employee for your company. But it is quite important to publish advertisement at right time so that your projects may not be disturbed. You should start advertisement of vacancy when your old employee resigns. Because it takes time to find right candidate for your company. 

Set interview date:

Then you should give an interview date in your advertisement and all candidates will come to your office at that specific time. Although, this is the responsibility of your recruiting department but you should also take interview of your employees so that you can make direct interaction with them. 

Observe qualities in your candidates:

There must be few qualities that you should observe in them. For this you can also set some criteria and you can specify marks for each criteria. This will help you to select one of the best candidate for your company. 

Observe their confidence level:

Confidence is the most important thing that must be present in your employees. They will have to attend different indoor and outdoor meetings so if they have confidence then they will be able to talk with other persons. 

Compatibility with other employees:

Compatibility with other employees matter a lot because they will have to work with a lot of employees and if they will not coordinate then it will ruin the environment of your company.